Kal Admin provides you with database funtionality needed for all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Data Dictionary

Kal Admin's Data Dictionary is a repository where Business Analysts store definitions and descriptions of data elements required to satisfy end user requirement. Business terminology can be stored in the Dictionary as well. The Dictionary is used later for building tables in the database.

Tables Design

Using Kal Admin, tables can be defined without actually building them in the database. Columns in the table are defined using the Data Dictionary. Once the defined tables pass quality assurance you can build them in the database with a click.


Instead of having vital information stored somewhere in a Word document have it readily accessible by using Kal Admin's documentation. Every object in the database can be documented. Table columns can be described as well as the business rules applied to them. Columns whose content is code can be linked to the lookup table that translate the code to text.


Permission Management

Central Sql Server user Permission Management. A security must for every organization. With a click you display user permissions in all servers and databases or display all the users having Admin or Ownership in all servers and databases.


Version Control

Once you start building your database you set a version number. Kal Admin associates all database changes to this version. Moreover, you can assign different versions to different users so you can make changes related to more than one version simultaneously and distribute them separately.


Version Distribution

With a click distribute version related DB changes from Development to Test then to Production. Display history of distribution, compare any two versions of an object to find out what has been changed.


Distribution History

You can display the distribution history of an object, when it was distributed, by whom, to where and even the script of the object that was distributed.


Data Comparison

Compare data of two tables or more and synchronize them.

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Database Structure Comparison

Our clients have DB Compare tool of a well known company but now they are using exclusively Kal Admin's to synchronize their databases because of its friendliness and simplicity.

Change Management

Find out who changed what, when and what has been changed. Find changes by Version, Dates, User or Object and distribute them to multiple databases at once.

Task Management

Kal admin provides a powerful yet simple to use Project Management that can be used to manage team work or individual tasks.

Activity Management

The activity management let you plan and synchronize the work of many workers. Then monitor the progress in a real time mode. It is excellent for work that must be finished within hours like a deployment of a new version in production.

Sql Jobs

With a click you can display all Sql Jobs on all servers, the ones that failed recently or a month ago, Last run or average duration. Display in a Gantt chart Jobs that were running at midnight. Get a message when Job fails or if you wish, when it finishes. Document the Job and assign it to a person that will be alerted when it fails. Locate a Job very quickly.


With a few clicks can you get all this information and functionality:

List of all the databases in the organization, Which is the biggest one and What is the monthly growth rate?

Who was granted Sysadmin permission recently, List of users that have control over databases, Who changed recently a procedure that failed last night and what are the changes?

which Sql Server does not have the last service pack, List of blocking locks that happened last night, Changes made in production today, how long was the most recent deployment of a new version?
What task was the most time consuming? and what is the average time for a specific deployment in our organization?

In what database in the organization I can find a countries table?
Which tables in the database don't have a Primary Key? What are the procedures in the database that are using a specific table?

Displaying a list of lookup tables in the database and with a click copy them to another database, deleting all objects in the database whose name contains "tmp" but rename tables with data instead of deleting them.

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