IT ManagersGo Green!

You may either use eight different software or Kal Admin.
Save money and time spent on purchasing, learning, maintaining and using multiple software that most of them lack the sophistication and
simplicity of Kal Admin.

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Increase Productivity

Kal-Admin will assist in implementing efficient work methods by offering the following capabilities integrated into one easy-to-use application :

- DB Documentation tool

- Data Dictionary

- Project Management

- Extremely user-friendly Database browser

- IT activities management

- Requests Management

- DB Version Control

- Schema and Data Comparison

- DB Change Management

- Jobs Management

- Time saving tools

- True RTL for Hebrew and Arabic

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How Do You Benefit ?

- Economize - save money - far beyond the total product cost

- Improve your developers, business analysts and DBA's productivity

- Implement correct and efficient work methods

- Document your MS-SQL Server Databases

- Utilize a Data Dictionary when designing a new database/application

- Easily Preserve and share integral information

- Simplify the management of your team's tasks and projects

Why Kal Admin ?

| Simple 

Simplicity = time and money saving

| Pragmatic 

Kal-Admin provides a suitable platform for managing day-to-day activities

| Documentation 

Helps you keeping an up-to-date, fast and accessible documentation

| Best benefit-cost ratio 

All the necessities combined in one low-usage-cost product

| Methodology 

Direct users towards implementing organized & efficient work methods

| Integration 

Unifies broad functionality, thus eliminating the need to use multiple tools

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